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Alyssa clinic, Boumhel

The Alyssa Hemodialysis clinic provides optimum quality care for patients suffering from chronic renal failure. We offer all dialysis modalities, and upstream, diagnostic and pre-dialysis programs.

Our clinic is located in Boumhel in the governorate of Ben Arous in tunisia, in the heart of the city and a few kilometers from the center of Tunis.

Planning a holidays can seem complicated if you are a dialysis patient. It is particularly important for dialysis patients and their families to be able to go on vacation in order, like everyone else, to recharge their batteries both physically and mentally. This is why Alyssa Hemodialysis also takes care of many patients on holidays.

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Alyssa dialysis Boumhel Tunisie

Work timetable

Our hemodialysis center is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday

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of the Alyssa hemodialysis clinic

Experienced team

Your care is supervised by a referent specialist doctor with great experience.

Also, our establishment strives to employ only specialized nurses and highly experienced assistants. This is achieved through our rigorous recruitment process.

Modern facilities

The Alyssa Hemodialysis Clinic provides its patients with state-of-the-art dialysis machines, efficient care and examinations in optimal conditions of safety and hygiene.

Comfortable environment

For your comfort, and to ensure a dialysis session in the best conditions, the Alyssa hemodialyse clinic provides you with:

  • A cloakroom to change and drop off your things.
  • Adjustable position beds and Auto-Dialysis armchairs.
  • Television in Each room.
  • Air conditioning: our rooms are equipped with air conditioning.
  • WIFI access is available.

Free transportation

We make available to our patients who do not have a means of transport, 2 vehicles to ensure their outward and return journeys free of charge .

We provide free transport , for our local patients from their homes, and for our patients who have come on vacation from their hotels.

Stay of foreign patients

Of course, it is possible to travel with chronic kidney disease!

The Alyssa hemodialysis clinic takes care of foreign dialysis patients wishing to spend a vacation in Tunisia, while ensuring to benefit from high quality dialysis sessions.

Records Management

The administrative team of the Alyssa Hémodialyse clinic is responsible for managing your medical file, whether with your old dialysis center, with the CNAM, or with your attending physician ...

Health Insurance

The Alyssa hemodialysis center has an agreement, Tunisian and foreign patients are fully covered by their health insurance.

Our hemodialysers doctors

The best skills for your care
Dr daoud Ali hemodialyser
Dr. Daoud Ali
hemodialyser doctor
Dr Bouaziz Ichrak hemodialyser
Dr. Bouaziz Ichrak
hemodialyser doctor
Dr Babchia Ali hemodialyser
Dr. Babchia Ali
hemodialyser doctor
dialysis machines
24 Dialysis machines
dialysis transport persons
2 Transport vehicles
hemodialysers doctors
3 specialist doctors
hemodialysers nurses
8 nurses
holidays dialysis

Travel and holidays with kidney failure

It is quite possible to travel with chronic renal failure in Tunisia.

Our patients can thus count on the high level of quality of our dialysis center, even away from home.

Our patients can enjoy a well-deserved holidays while ensuring that they receive high quality care. That being said, holidays will require planning, especially if they involve a long trip.

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Travel and dialysis Frequently asked questions

Yes. Processing is standardized. The staff at the Alyssa hemodialysis center will help you get organized. The dialysis session at Alyssa's will go as usual. Let our team know as soon as possible.
Everyone needs a holidays from time to time, and kidney failure is no exception. However, for dialysis patients, traveling definitely requires more planning, so last minute bookings are not advisable. In addition to the necessary preparations so that our dialysis center is ready to receive you and take care of you.
Of course, traveling with chronic kidney disease is quite possible. That said, any trip will require planning, especially if it's a long trip. Ask our healthcare team to help you get organized. They will help you set up your dialysis sessions while on vacation and give you advice, so that your vacation gives you the rest and relaxation you need.

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your dialysis sessions during your vacation

+216 71 45 37 45

Whether you need precise information on dialysis, or you just want to make an appointment, we will be happy and available to answer you as soon as possible.

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